Saturday, 15 May 2010

Bursting With Pride!

Today we visited the open day at Bells Piece in Farnham where my daughter goes once a week to work in the Simply Unique art studio. She had several pieces of her work on show in their exhibition and I was quite taken aback at how good they were.

This is a clay sculpture of our dog - he is a saluki, and if you saw him, you would know that this is a very good likeness! She has the pose perfectly and the gangly long legs - the real dog is actually black on his back and top of his head but I think Stacie's problem was more a paint malfunction than making a mistake. I am so looking forward to the day she gets to bring this home - we are already thinking where we can display him to best advantage!

This is a silk painting - unfortunately the photograph does not bring out the richness of the colours, with or without using the flash.

I have seen such an improvement in Stacie's ability since she started at Bells Piece last September and really hope that in the future she will be able to go for more than one day a week - places are like gold dust as you can imagine!

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