Wednesday, 1 April 2015

On Getting It Done

One of the worst things I find is filling in long forms on my daughter's behalf.  There is always the worry that I haven't done it right, have I left something important out or put something I shouldn't in; will it affect our status quo detrimentally or will there be an improvement?

I've had to complete several forms for her this past ten days - first was the re-assessment for E.S.A., which was a doozy.  About 30 pages long, and I found it very confusing and daunting.  I have to confess I began it last week, got disheartened and left it for about five days before plucking up the courage to get it finished.  It had to be done because she is in the wrong grouping apparently and has lost eligibility for free prescriptions and dental care, as well as receiving less money than she should.  So if all goes as it ought to, we should be better off - but I still have that underlying silly fear that by poking the bear with a stick, I might jeopardise what we have at the moment.  I'm a relatively intelligent woman, these forms should not phase me, but they do.

Second was an application for an HC1 which is a form stating that she is entitled to help with medical costs, to tide us over until the ESA is sorted out.  Not quite such a long form but still confusing to me.

Third was a passport renewal form - easy enough, even I can handle that one!  However, the post office clerk rejected our application on the basis that in my daughter's photo one strand of hair was touching her eyebrow. Hmmm.  Was she correct or did I cheese her off by asking for a 'quick check & send'?  I meant nothing by it, but her response was that it would be as quick as she was able...oh dear.  So, it had to wait a week until my daughter had another free morning and off we trotted to the photographer to get it re-done.  There then ensued a public showdown between me and my daughter as she point blank refused to have her hair brushed back from her eyes and was recoiling and fending me off as if she is beaten on a regular basis, while the very young photographer is looking on in horror.  I  finally managed to get the fringe away from her eyes and luckily the lad responded to my "do it now, quick!" with speed.  After a few attempts (blinking, mouth open) we got a decent picture.  Note, all staff at the photographers could not understand why the original photo had been rejected.
We then walked the ten yards to the post office and submitted our form to a different clerk.  All went through ok this time, and to satisfy my curiosity, I showed him the previous photo and asked if he would have passed it.  This (very experienced) chap said he would not have had a problem with it, although did admit the second photo was probably better.  So it would appear I had wasted a week due to some lady's bad attitude...nice.

I cannot explain why I find this all so difficult, but it causes me endless worry. Perhaps because it's a heavy burden to bear all round, and this just adds to it or perhaps because you are always at the mercy of some clerk or other who really doesn't care about your personal circumstances and might just be having a bad day themselves.  Now I have to try not get myself in a state while I wait for the outcome...