Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Chew Toys!

You learn something every day - the last little boy I worked with used to grind his teeth really badly throughout the day.  It was so loud, you could hear it across the room and it must have been playing havoc with his teeth. The only way I could stop it temporarily was to squeeze his cheeks gently between my fingers - but you can't keep doing that all day!  My current little boy when tired or listening on the carpet makes a loud bull-froggy noise from the back of his mouth, which while it is harming no-one can be very distracting when the whole class is supposed to be listening to the teacher.  Also, there is no way I can prevent him from making this noise, short of sticking my fingers in his mouth - which is NOT going to happen!

His mum, however, went on the case and came up with a possible solution,  Apparently, you can buy human chew toys!  See them for sale here. I guess that is no different to a teething ring and if it has the desired result, then it is a wonderful tool.  So there is one on the way and we shall see what happens - watch this space!

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