Monday, 12 September 2011

Back to Basics

This September I am back working in Reception class for the first time in 4 years, with a new little boy to get to know.  This year it has been possible to prepare very thoroughly as the school has had a major change in the number of classrooms and their layout, which has meant starting completely from scratch.  So the teacher and I have had many discussions on how to arrange a little learning area for the new child, where to put it and how to stock it.  It's been fantastic for the first time to be so completely organised rather than jammed into the nearest available corner.  There is a work table, a noticeboard, my own set of drawers for various equipment and resources, even storage for my reference material.

However, I fear this learning area is going to remain unused for a while - I had forgotten the mayhem of those first weeks with a bunch of four year olds who have to have time to adjust to being in school and for us staff to get to know them and their foibles!  It's been a good start to the school year, with what seems to be a calm and well adjusted class of children but to be honest, this week each day is just a matter of them charging around exploring their new environment and playing with just about everything they see.   Combine that with teaching my new child all about the toilet and trying to get a routine established to avoid any further dampness(!), the hours fly by and any achievements are quite small and unremarkable.

But I know things will slowly calm down and then I can get on with my job properly.  These early days are quite crucial even though they don't feel like it - if you don't establish a rapport with your target child in the beginning, there isn't much hope of you achieving an awful lot in the years ahead.  

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