Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Since we were moved from Farnham Hospital to Aldershot Centre for Health for Stacie's dental care, I have had nothing but problems with the NHS with regard to payment of the fees.  The whole time she was with Farnham Hospital, treatment was free - as it should be under the circumstances.  Upon changing to Aldershot, every time she went for a check up or a visit to the hygenist, I then received a letter from the NHS threatening us with a £100 fine for 'fraudulently' claiming for free dental treatment.

Each time I wrote a letter explaining our circumstances and the benefits that Stacie is entitled to and each time they cancelled the fine.  I tried to get to the bottom of why this kept happening and discovered she should be getting a different (higher) rate of ESA, so went through the rigmarole of re-applying (and the mega long forms it entails) and got that sorted.  Then the next time we visited the dentist, the same thing happened again.  I had a very unpleasant phone call with some man in the NHS department that deals with fines etc. who even had the gall to tell me that 'just because Stacie has Down's Syndrome, that doesn't entitle her to free medical treatment'....OK, I but I beg to differ!

So last year I then had to apply for an HC2 form which entitles her to free medical/dental care and free prescriptions.  This form ran out last month, so in order to prevent further 'fines', I re-applied.  I didn't get a new HC2 form for Stacie, what I did get was a letter saying that as she received the higher rate of ESA she is AUTOMATICALLY ENTITLED TO FREE MEDICAL/DENTAL TREATMENT and there is no need for her to have an HC2 form.  I would like a photocopy of this letter to be shown to that phone operator,  rolled tightly and inserted where the sun doesn't shine!  It is wrong that the disabled and their carers should have to jump through hoops unnecessarily for something they are already entitled to, we have enough to worry about.

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