Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Makaton IPad App

If you are lucky enough to own an IPad, there is a brilliant new app available called MyChoicePad which is a Makaton communication system.  It uses Makaton symbols, signs (with videos) and synthesized speech.  It will contain all the published resource vocabulary within the next few months.

This app has been created by a lady called Zoe Peden who has collaborated with the Makaton Charity to make this happen. 

Whilst a lot of us with special needs children struggle financially due to the circumstances and living predominantly with the aid of benefits, if you can afford the IPad and this app, it would seem to be an invaluable tool.  It would not only help the carer/educator to become fluent in Makaton but also prove immensely beneficial to the person with communication difficulties, giving them the opportunity to 'find the words' in order to get their meaning across. This would also contribute to self-esteem and confidence.

I have mentioned this product to the school where I work in the hope it may one day find it's way into our resources - but of course, it all comes down to budget!  In a perfect world, this kind of technology would be readily available to anyone who needed it.


  1. Thanks Caroline! We really hope MyChoicePad can help a lot of families and schools and of course get more people using Makaton because it's brilliant!

    1. Hello Zoe my son Dylan has been using a program I developed (I am presuming you are the app creator I have an occasional perl hobby) which we have found of great use. He was non verbal up until 16months ago (8yrs at present)It was an enormous effort for me to create but using it every day has made it worth while and seeing the benefits Dylan has gained from its use. Would you be interested in looking at it with a veiw to possibly using some of its features. Way too much to talk about here, if your interested my email is jefff@jerseymail.co.uk look forward to hearing from you ....... jef x